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The time of an overwhelming inbox for all you applications is over. Get structure into your hiring process by using the TalentLane Application Tracking System.

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Application tracking system for your needs

With our data-centralized approach where anyone in your team can see the progress and information can be shared easily we enable joyful hiring for everyone and save you a lot of time.

We offer you a simple but powerful, ready to go, application tracking system that focusses on the important parts: structured applications by a clear staging system, integrated Email communication and collaboration with your team. No time consuming sales- or onboarding calls required, affordable for small and medium sized businesses size.

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How it works

To make hiring time efficient again for your team and for the applicant, we avoid bottlenecks by offering the right information easily accessible and enable fast communication with candidates and with your team.

  • After setting up your recruitment stages, creating open positions and assigning them to responsible persons from your team and redirecting applications to TalentLane the fun part can start.
  • The Dashboard and notification system always keeps you informed about open tasks, waiting applicants or colleagues that request your collaboration on an application.
  • New applications first line up in your Inbox and wait to be assigned to an open position. After being assigned you find all applications well structured in the Applications Overview.
  • The Applications Overview is optimized to show you applications for the positions of your responsibility first. The overview lets you exactly track the status of any application via it's stage, open todos and how long the candidate is already at it's current phase.
  • Going into the Application Details, you see well structured information about the candidate, attachments and most important, the feed about any communication and internal notes. You can mention colleagues to ask for feedback or potential time slots for team interviews.
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Collaborative, hassle-free recruitment

Nothing is more annoying than sending around applicants CVs to your colleagues, gathering feedback or finding the right time slot for an invitation.

TalentLane has collaboration build in our DNA and sees recruiting as a team sport. Our notifications, approach of transparency, communication tools and user management are all optimized towards collaborative hiring.

Soon we will even help you finding time slots by offering integrations to your calendar.

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