How our Central Application Inbox helps you to structure your recruiting

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How our Central Application Inbox helps you to structure your recruiting

The TalentLane Inbox is a central place to collect incoming new applications. With your account you receive a unique email TalentLane Inbox email address. We recommend to setup automatic forwarding of all incoming applications to your own email address to this email. New applications will directly appear at your TalentLane Dashboard.

We separate existing applications to new incoming applications or replies in conversations. Thereby we avoid the trouble of having a long mixed list of applications and you have a short list of active applications always at hand.

On a new message in your inbox, you have to take action and choose from the following three options:

A) New application: will create a new application out of the email. We extract all necessary details and setup a candidate profile, attach any email attachments like CVs or resumes and add the message from the mail into the application details.

B) Attach to existing application: We automatically detect further email replies from candidates and link it automatically to the right application to save you time. Sometimes candidates reply from a different email address or use your contact form again. In this case we cannot automatically detect to which application the reply belongs and it needs to be assigned manually.

C) Delete: In case unrelated messages find the way into your recruiting inbox, you can just delete it quickly and setup a block-list if needed.

We believe that for a structured and fast hiring process communication is key. Applicants should receive quick feedback on their applications and should always know transparently where they stand in the process. Thereby for any open position, a responsible person from your team is assigned. On any new application, new message, reply or internal note, this person gets automatically informed to its personal email.

Every user of TalentLane is provided with its personalized Dashboard. Here we guide you through open tasks like checking new applications, new messages or personal mentions via our internal note system.

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