Collaborative Hiring

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Collaborative Hiring

Effective hiring in times of a lack of enough talent on the market is hard and time consuming. Thereby improving the hiring process with an applicant tracking system (ATS) can help you to avoid bottlenecks and missing opportunities of candidates.

From experience we know that identifying the right candidate means a lot of work and communication. Many different parties starting from a recruiter or referral, a hiring manager, a team lead, the team itself and potentially a managing director need to be involved and informed on an ongoing basis to come to a quick decision.

We have covered the collaborative aspect of hiring deeply in the TalentLane product. We offer you a central tool to manage all internal and external communication around the recruitment process and through the different phases. Based on three key components of our product we allow you to have the right information always in place:

A) Messaging: All written communication with a candidate can easily happen via our messaging system. To speed common cases up we offer you a list of pre written email templates and the possibility to create your own.

B) Internal Notes & Mentions: You can easily create internal notes at a application and mention others from your team. Thereby we allow you to integrate your team into the hiring process at the right moment.

C) Notifications & Todos: For any open position one person is assigned as responsible person and will receive all notifications about the application and should be in charge to lead the candidate through the process. On any mention, new reply or new internal note the related persons will get informed via a quick email notification. Additionally every user has it's own build in todo list at its Dashboard and related positions at the product, that covers tasks like:

  • check the new application
  • you've got mentioned in an internal note
  • the candidate is waiting for a reply

By allowing very simple and quick internal notes and combining it with mentions and smart notifications you can now easily include everyone from your team needed for a quick information exchange and involvement during the hiring process.

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