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30 Days Trial
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30 Days Trial
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
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How do applications get into the applicant tracking system?

Getting the candidate information into the system is crucial. We offer you two easy ways to get your applicants into the system.

1) After the signup we serve you with an unique email address to which you can redirect all incoming applications automatically. We recommend to redirect all incoming emails to your address to this email. Thereby these emails will appear in your TalentLane Inbox.

2) Any member of your team can easily create new candidates and applications in the system manually.

3) Soon we lunch our new company job board. With that functionality you will receive an application form that can easily be added to you websites. Candidates signing up via this form will appear automatically, well structured in your system.

Are there any bigger plans for high usage customers?

If your usage exceeds the limits of our PRO plan we can arrange an individual plan for your needs. Just contact us via

As we do not hard cap the usage of our plans you can just get started with the PRO plan and we arrange everything in parallel.

I am exceeding my subscription limits for a short time, do I need to switch to a bigger plan?

We believe in a fair usage policy and do not hard cap your account the the booked plan. If you exceed the limits for a few weeks as you have a peak in your recruitment, no worries, go for it. In exchange we believe in a fair upgrade if you need more for a longer time.

Is the service GDPR conform and do you offer a Data Processing Agreement?

We fully understand the importance of data privacy and a responsible work with personal data. It is one of our most important values to act responsible and careful with the data of our customers and their candidates and applications.

Our Privacy Policy explains you in detail how we store and work with the personal data provided. If you need a signed Data Processing Agreement please contact us via and we will send you all required information.

How do I cancel my current subscription?

Cancelation of your subscription is directly possible via your accounts setting. We have an easy to find section where you can manage your subscription and find all invoices.

Can we get an personal onboarding to the system?

Sure we can help you personally to setup your account correctly. We recommend you to first make up your impression yourself and try it out. It's hard to break the system and with our pre configured settings you have already a good prepared setup.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

We do not offer a 24/7 support as it is usually not needed. We offer you helpful email replies within 24 hours during working days. For more complex cases we offer you direct support via a video conference tool.

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